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Shakespeare's Plays Available in Streaming: Cymbeline


"Cymbeline, also known as The Tragedie of Cymbeline or Cymbeline, King of Britain, is a play by William Shakespeare set in Ancient Britain] and based on legends that formed part of the Matter of Britain concerning the early Celtic British King Cunobeline. Although listed as a tragedy in the First Folio, modern critics often classify Cymbeline as a romance or even a comedy. Like Othello and The Winter's Tale, it deals with the themes of innocence and jealousy."


Cymbeline (BBC Worldwide)
"Directed by Elijah Moshinsky. Performed by Hugh Thomas, Claire Bloom, Dame Helen Mirren, Michael Pennington, John Kane, Paul Jesson, Robert Lindsay, Geoffrey Lumsden, and Patsy Smart. Costumes by Dinah Collin. Produced by Shaun SuttonBBC Worldwide, 1982, 2 hours 53 minutes."

Cymbeline (Royal Shakespeare Company)
"Captured live in Stratford-upon-Avon, this adaptation reimagined Cymbeline as a queen rather than a king, making Gillian Bevan the first woman to play the title role at the RSC."