China Documentary Films in Streaming: Hong Kong

This guide is intended to help the USC community locate and access many of the outstanding documentary films about China that are available through USC Libraries' subscribed streaming platforms.

Hong Kong

Battle for Hong Kong
"With unique access inside the battle for Hong Kong, Frontline follows five protesters through the most intense clashes over several months of pro-democracy protests. The film examines their struggle against growing influence from the communist government of China."

Citizen Hong Kong
"This multi-layered portrait examines San Francisco filmmaker Ruby Yang’s childhood home in its first year of postcolonial existence. In 1997, as the long-anticipated handover of the city from British rule to Chinese authority was about to occur, Yang returned to see the transition for herself. Instead of mirroring mainstream news reporting, Yang intimately explores the everyday lives of the people of Hong Kong, showing how the city’s ever changing dynamics and energy shaped them. .."

Hong Kong: Handover Generation
"Twenty years after the British Crown handed Hong Kong over to China, under the motto "One country, two systems", the young Handover generation challenges Beijing and wants to be the safeguard of democracy in Asia. After 2014’s Umbrella Revolt, these activists have become a challenging political force in the country. Through their fight we discover Hong Kong as it faces China’s growing threat on its special status and political freedoms. Is Hong Kong doomed to become an ordinary Chinese province under an authoritative regime?:"