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Industry Research: Real Estate

Business guide to industry research


The real estate industry can be divided in several different ways. One approach is BY INDUSTRY ACTIVITIES:

  • Development
  • Construction
  • Appraisal
  • Sales
  • Leasing
  • Property management

Another way is to divide by type of REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY SECTORS

  • Construction
  • Residential
  • Commercial 
  • Industrial

Much of our online information focuses on real estate as an investment (REITs/real estate investment trusts).

Searching USC Databases

For general overviews and market research reports search on terms like:  COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL or INDUSTRIAL. Combine "REAL ESTATE" with terms like INDUSTRY, SALES, BROKERAGES, INVESTMENTS, ASSETS, MANAGEMENT, APPRAISAL.   Other related terms include: Construction, Housing, or REITS.

Data Planet

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets offers US Census data for Housing & Construction; you will also see Zillow offers various housing metrics (e.g. values, sales, rental pricing, foreclosures, price per square foot) down to the Zip Code level.

When you open Data-Planet Statistical Datasets, select 'Browse By Subject' at the left side of the page, then expand on 'Housing & Construction'.


USC Industry Information Databases

University & Research Centers


USC Publications

Industry Trade Journals

For Addtional Titles, search USC Libraries Catalog or Journals on terms:

  • Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Building
  • Construction
  • Housing (with Economics, Statistics, Report, Development, Market, etc.)
  • Property
  • Appraisal

Reports & Other Resources

42 Floors - Commercial office real estate listing information for major markets and sub-markets for Los Angeles and  San Francisco. Main site includes current listing data

Los Angeles

San Francisco



Government Statistics & Data

Industry Associations

Local Real Estate Resources