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Industry Research: Financial Services

Business guide to industry research


The Financial Services industry comprises multiple sectors, the core sectors being:

  • Depository institutions (banks, savings & loan associations, credit unions): SIC 6011-6099 / NAICS 521110-522220
  • Non-depository institutions (credit cards): SIC 6111-6163 / NAICS 522298-522310
  • Security dealers/investment management: SIC 6211, 6712 / NAICS 523120, 551111

Some sectors will be indexed under multiple codes.

USC Industry Information Databases

Financial Databases at USC

This is a list of the key business databases at USC.  Another list with the WRDS datasets broken out can be found here.


Sources for Bond information

  • BOND YIELDS Can be found on WRDS TRACE (Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine), however, the first couple of years of TRACE are not complete (approx. 2002-2004); some historical data (pre-TRACE) can be found at NAIC/National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
  • - Bonds
  • Corporate, Municipal Bonds, US. Treasuries Yields &  Ratings; discount Rates vs. Key Money Market Rates:  Mergent Bond Record (Business Library HG4905.M78)
  • Treasury Issues - T-bills, Treasury Notes and Treasury Bonds:  Bureau of the Fiscal Service
  • Municipal Bonds: Information can be difficult to locate, as all municipal bonds are not listed in publicly available sources (such as those listed above), and may have to be acquired from the securities broker or a commercial bank. 
  • Corporate bonds:  Search in company reports and filings: 10-Ks; Mergent Manuals  (search 'Mergent' on USC Libraries Catalog) for OTC Industrial, Public Utility Transportation and Banking & Finance; Mergent Bond Record.


USC LIBRARIES:  Search USC Libraries Catalog for books and periodicals using the following words and phrases:  banks or banking, banking industry, credit unions, financial institutions, financial services, investment services, securities; hedge funds, mutual funds

Full-text books online can also be found in ProQuest E-Book Central (USC network connection required).

Trade Journals

Direct links to Financial Services/Banking Journals from USC databases such as ProQuest, EBSCO Business Source Complete, and Factiva are listed below.  Other links to freely available online journals are also included.

Additional journals can be found by searching USC Libraries site (Journals) and type in words like:  INVESTMENT, MUTUAL, PRIVATE EQUITY, BANK OR BANKING, HEDGE,  etc.

Hedge Funds

Mutual Funds

Statistics & Government Information

International Banking

Banking Reports