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Industry Research: Automobiles

Business guide to industry research

Searching USC Databases

For general overviews and market research reports search terms like:  AUTOMOBILE, AUTOMOTIVE, CARS, MOTOR VEHICLES, TRUCKS or specific products such as MOTORCYCLES, BIKES, etc.  Use specific terms, such as AFTERMARKET, or specific parts of automobiles, e.g. tires, transmission, electronic systems, automotive electronics, auto dealer/dealerships.   Seach on company names, models, model type (e.g.: compact, luxury, SUV's, etc. ) and/or specific regions.

Key USC Databases - Automobiles

USC Industry Information Databases

USC Trade Journals and other internet based journals

Publications at USC

Search USC Libraries Catalog for additional publications,

Automobile industry
Automobile manufacturing
Automobile marketing
Automotive computers
Hybrid electric cars
Electric automobiles
Automobile supplies industry
Automobile parts
All terrain vehicles

Automobile manufacturers (Honda, Volkswagen, Tesla)


Use:  WARD'S AUTOMOTIVE YEARBOOK (SEE LINK BELOW) for valuable statistical information by model, size, and region.

Links to Reports and Whitepapers

Government Statistics and Data

Key Report on the Auto Industry

Industry Associations

Green, Flex Fuel, Hybrid & Alternative Energy Resources

Autonomous / Self-Driving Vehicles