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Industry Research: Advertising

Business guide to industry research

Searching USC Databases

For general overviews and market research reports search on terms like ADVERTISING with terms like: MANAGEMENT, MARKETING, MARKET RESEARCH,  MASS MEDIA, INDUSTRIES (e.g. Media Industry). Also use eMARKETING, PROMOTIONS(S).  Add other terms to specify research such as 'Direct Mail', 'Billboard', 'Outdoor', 'Advertising Rates', 'Ad Agencies', or names of businesses.  NAICS code:  54181.

Key USC Databases - Advertising

USC Industry Information Databases

Advertising Spend

Find "advertising budgets", and in some instances medium and product segment "advertising spend", using these resources.  When looking for articles, consider keywords such as 'advertising spend', 'adspend', 'advertising budget', 'advertising campaign' or 'advertising expenditure' plus the name of the company or product/service being researched.

Books & eBooks

Reference Sources

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Statistics & Data

Internet Reports and Resources

Advertising Rates

Advertising rates for broadcast and online/digital media are not listed in standard directories; print media advertising rates are typically listed on a magazine's or newspaper's website under "Media Kits."  Advertising rates for television, cable, and radio are typically measured by CPM (cost per thousand) impressions.  Advertising rates for internet sites are based on CPC (cost per click); this information is sometimes listed on a company's website.

Search ProQuest or other article searching databases for articles on "advertising spend", "ad spend", "advertising costs" or "advertising rates" to find anecdotal information. Other keywords to consider: banner ads, rate cards, spot ads, CPM, CPC.