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Journalism *: image clips

Library Resources in the field of Journalism


BBC Motion Gallery
Rights-managed and royalty-free film and video clips from the BBC archives. Nature-related documentaries and news clips are the most common resources available.

Films submitted by registered users of many types (including spoofs, new narratives and more) made entirely with LEGO building blocks.

C-SPAN Video Library
Site includes all C-SPAN programming from 1987 to the present--more than half a million programs!

Educational Videos: Annenberg Media
After selecting a particular Annenberg program from the list, look for the "VoD" icon next to each episode of the program to watch the video online for free.  Programs include "French in Action," "American Cinema," and a number of other videos of interest to teachers and students.

Sponsored by George Lucas, this site features a collection of online educational videos.

How-to video website, featuring filmed instructions for doing almost anything--learn how to ride a horse, do yoga, or grow an avocado plant.

Europe Film Treasures
Online collection of short films and clips from the earliest days of cinema's history.  Films have been preserved and made available from many European countries, including Denmark, Italy, Scotland, and Luxembourg.

Internet Archive: Moving Images Library
This online library contains thousands of clips, including some full-length films.  Find short animated films, old educational movies, or news and sports clips.  The search function is not particularly strong; browsing the topical collections may be more efficient.

Living Room Candidate: Political Campaign Commercials
From the famous Flower Girl nuclear bomb ad, to Dukakis and his famous tank photo-op, and including more recent ads as well, this is the best online resource for political campaign commercials. 

Media That Matters Film Festival
Website for the film festival celebrating independent short films.  Each year's festival selections are screened online for free.

National Archives Public Information Films (UK)
View all public information films published in the UK from 1945-2006.

National Geographic Video
Section of the National Geographic web site featuring clips on numerous topics related to animals, the environment, and exploration.

Open Vault: WGBH PBS Video Archive
Free online collection of documentaries and other PBS programming produced by WGBH-Boston.

Open Video Project
This open access video collection is designed to provide online digital moving image texts for use in research and experimentation.

PBS Video
Watch PBS documentaries and programs online for free.

Texas Archive of Moving Images (TAMI)
Searchable online archive of historical film clips created about/in Texas. 

Watch The Titles
Online collection of the title sequences from films, including information on title sequence designers and producers.

Classic TV Ads: Free Classic Television Commercials

Site devoted to "classic" advertisements 1940-1970. Includes an archive television advertisements available for viewing online or downloading.

Europa Film Treasures, the treasures from European Film Archives

Discover and watch difficult to find European films from early-20th century short documentaries to an experimental film from Scotland in the 1970s, as well as a little-known western of John Ford from 1917. This collection of films is on-demand and free. E

Internet Archive: Moving Image Archive

Movie collections from the Internet Archive

Metavid - Open Video Archive of the US Congress

A searchable archive of video from the United States House and Senate Floor Debates captured though C-SPAN, from 2006 to the present. Can be searched by topic/subject keyword or person. Video can also be freely downloaded by anyone.

Museum of the Moving Image

Web Projects page at the Museum of the Moving Image.

NARA on Google Video

Historical videos including NASA films (1962-1981), United Newsreel Motion Pictures (1942-1945), and the Department of Interior (1916-1970).

Open Video Project  Rating

A growing repository for digital video and digitized video. Genres include historical, documentary, ephemeral, educational, and public service. The repository was created to be used by researchers.


Over 3500 programs that explore various research topics. Videos are produced by leading educationa and research institutes. Topics include arts, humanities, sciences, social sciences,

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