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Demographics: Age Groups

Information on the business side of demographics including consumers in groups such as African-Americans, Asian-American, Hispanic-Americans, LGBTQ populations, affluents and women and men.


There may be some slight variations in the definitions of a specific "generation", but the following list most generally reflects the standard years ascribed to each:

  • The Greatest Generation – born 1901-1924.
  • The Silent Generation – born 1925-1945.
  • The Baby Boomer Generation – born 1946-1964.
  • Generation X – born 1965-1979.
  • Millennials – born 1980-1994.
  • Generation Z – born 1995-2012.
  • Gen Alpha – born 2013 – 2025.

More information available at the Center for Generational Kinetics

USC Databases

In addition to general searching in our databases, search here for specific information on different age groups.

Specific age demographic terms you can search are: Baby Boomers, Mature Adults, Generation X, Generation Y, Millennials, Generation Next, Echo Boomers, Teens, Tweens, Youth.

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