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Information on the business side of demographics including consumers in groups such as African-Americans, Asian-American, Hispanic-Americans, LGBTQ populations, affluents and women and men.


In addition to the databases shown here, you can search for articles on your topic in databases such as ProQuest or Nexis Uni or you can conduct an Everything - search search through multiple USC databases simultaneously.

Some marketing and/or advertising agencies produce consumer insights reports. You will find links via an aggregated list below:

Note: Demographics refer to statistical data (age, gender, income, etc.) collected for a particular population. Psychographics refer to information about a particular population's attitudes, aspirations, and other lifestyle criteria.

Companies use both psychographic and demographic information in order to segment their markets, establish spending patterns, and create the best buying experiences for their customers.

Other important resources include:

Find key government data, including reports and statistics using the following resources:

For international demographics, consult the following: