Social Work *: Policy and Legislation Resources

Randall Information Center | USC School of Social Work

Finding a policy

Finding policies and policy information can be tricky!  It often takes some digging around and strategic Google searching.

  • For FEDERAL policies, start with the video below on searching for a federal law on your topic.
  • For STATE policies, you'll need to do a Google search.  Include the topic and state you're looking for and limit your search to .gov or .org websites.  For example: "mental health offenders Minnesota site: .gov; .org"

Once you have found a policy that interests you, use one of the policy databases in the box to the right to find analyses and briefings about that policy from think tanks and government agencies.

Use the website to find federal policies in the U.S. :


Journal and Newspaper Articles

Articles provide research and analysis of a particular topic. Journal articles are more in-depth and specialized. Newspaper articles can provide the latest information about a topic.

Policy Briefs Databases

Use these resources to find background information, analysis and current developments of the policy you are researching.