Pharmacy Students: Year 1: 501/502: Pharmaceutics I and II

Information resources selected for year 1 Pharmacy students.

Pharm I Textbooks

Pharm II Textbooks

There is no textbook for Pharmaceutics II.

Citation Style for Pharm Ds

The Pharm D program has adopted AMA style, 11th ed., for references and citations in written work, unless otherwise specified. Read the Quick Guide for formatting in-text references and citations for commonly used publication types. For more help, view the full AMA Manual of Style or contact the library.

Additional Resources

These tertiary sources will help you understand concepts in these classes and find information for the course projects. 

Pharm 501 & 502: project resources

Use these resources to gain basic information about a chemical and its properties, the mechanism of action of drugs, and how it acts or interacts with other chemicals and substances. These background resources can provide you with additional words or phrases to use to enhance your searches in databases, too. 

Suggested databases

Regulatory documentation

Regulatory materials provide access to reports generated by pharmaceutical companies during the approval processes for drugs, which can include detailed chemical and pharmaceutical data. Need help navigating Drugs @ FDA? Watch this video made by USC librarians.