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COMM 322: Argumentation and Advocacy

Basic argumentation theory including analysis. Research and evidence, case construction, refutation; discursive and visual argument; diverse fields of advocacy including law, politics, organizations, interpersonal relations.

Search Tips

Once you have identified your Speech topic generate a list of words, or Keywords that are related to your topic. 

Use AND, OR, NOT to connect your phrases/keywords

to locate both morality AND norms

to locate either word discourse OR commentary

NOT will retrieve the first word, debate NOT argument

Time frame:



types of resources:

case studies

government reports

peer-reviewed articles




book chapters


Communication related Research Databases

Here are a few databases to begin your research:


For more information on homelessness see the Homelessness  Research Guide

Gender & Sexuality

The following resources are a  great place to begin your research:

Ethnic Databases