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PR 463 Research & Analysis: California

Identification of key strategic insights that drive successful communication campaigns, based on research techniques including surveys, content evaluation and social media monitoring.

Los Angeles

Also check state and national sources for Los Angeles-specific statistics.  For example, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics provides current umemployment and related estimates for the Los Angeles MSA.

California Offical Sources

Don't see what you need?   Try browsing the list of state agencies.

Simply Explorer

LA Theatre Stastics

Looking for information about the theater in Los Angeles try the following resources:

General and Demographic Sources

American Community Factfinder

This online tutorial is for respondents, data users, and others who want basic information on the American Community Survey. The tutorial has lessons on the purpose and benefits of the ACS and shows how to access a variety of data products and resources. There are five separate sections that together take about an hour to complete.