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PR 463 Research & Analysis: Databases

Identification of key strategic insights that drive successful communication campaigns, based on research techniques including surveys, content evaluation and social media monitoring.

Search Tips

Once you have identified your Research Question generate a list of words, or Keywords that are related to your topic. For example, your question, coffee shops and college campuses. The keywords related to your topic:

"Internet communications"  and "cafes" and coffee shops and "colleges or universities" and marketing and blogs, etc...

search keywords:

"coffee shops" and marketing


search tips

Once you have identified your topic, check to see if it is too specific, if it is, work toward a general focus. This will help you  generate a list of keywords, or concepts related to your topic


travel, tourism, e-commerce, "mobile devices", smartphones, United States,vacations, digital travel, etc....

Use AND, OR, NOT to connect your phrases/keywords

to locate both smartphones AND travel

to locate either word U.S. OR United States

to locate (the first word) vacation NOT trip

 * truncation symbol

travel*  travels, travelers, traveling, traveled

Trade Publications

Trade Publications

Business Databases

Communication Research Databases

Here are a few databases to begin your research: