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English Language & Literature *: Comprehensive Resources

This guide points researchers to a few key USC Libraries resources that might be helpful to start research projects in the area of literary studies.

Comprehensive Resources

The Columbia Granger's World of Poetry contains 250,000 poems in full text and 450,000 citations ... . Click for more info

The Academy of American Poets offers a wealth of research resources for the study and enjoyment of poetry.

Poetry Foundation <>

Play Index searches over 30,000 plays written from Antiquity to the present and published from 1949 to the present ... . Play Index [includes] plays written in or translated into English, including mysteries, pageants, plays in verse, puppet performances, radio and television plays, and classic drama. Search for plays by title; author; subject (sisters, culture conflict, marriage); style (symbolism, experimental theater); genre (comedy, melodrama, musical); cast type.


Literature Criticism Online is an extensive compilation of scholarly and popular literary commentary from broadsheets, pamphlets, encyclopedias, books and periodicals.  Helps to trace the history of critical reception.

Literature Resource Center
Biographies and criticism on over 90,000 authors, literary movements, and genres from every age and literary discipline.

Literature Online (LION)  is a searchable library of over 300,000 works of English and American literature, overseen by an academic Advisory Board. Broken into 4 parts: the Master Index, Literary Database, Reference Works, and Web Resources.

The databases USC has subscribed to within LION are as follows:

* African-American Poetry (1750-1900)  * African Writers Series  * American Poetry (1600-1900) * American Poetry 2 (1901-1997)     * The Bible In English (990-1970) * Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare (1591-1911) * English Drama (1280-1915)                     * English Poetry (600-1900) * Eighteenth-Century Fiction (1700-1780) * Modern Poetry * Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia          * Cambridge Encyclopedia * King James Bible * Twentieth Century African American Poetry * Webster's Third New Internationa Dictionary, Unabridged