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Bioinformatics Self Learning Resources

Bioinformatics tools and learning resources relevant to sequencing data and other high-throughput genomic data analysis

In silico Studies


Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA)

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) USC-logo  The core of the IPA knowledge base is sourced from biomedical publications and high-level findings that have been manually curated by their pool of PhD scientists.  Use IPA to interactively and quickly: 

  • Gain knowledge on genes and chemicals by browsing categorized and curated publications
  • Build and explore bio-molecule interaction networks supported by literature findings
  • Identify potential biological outcomes of custom networks
  • Generate testable hypothesis for your genes of interest


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2019 USC IPA onsite training

2020 USC IPA Webinar Training


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Qinsight USC-logo  is a sophisticated semantic literature search and mining engine that enables you to quickly identify the most relevant information in

  • PubMed abstract
  • PubMed/BioMed Central full text
  • Grants
  • Clinical trials
  • Biomedical research


Online resources


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BaseSpace Correlation Engine

BaseSpace Correlation Engine (BSCE, previously known as Nextbio) USC-logo features the world’s largest collection of curated and pre-analyzed public genomic data.  The web-based discovery platform provides a practical way for quick and comprehensive genomic data mining.


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Genevestigator  USC-logo features a large collection of pre-analyzed biomedical and plant public genomic data.  The developmental stage analysis for selected species and bi-clustering analysis are particularly useful. 


Online resources


2020 Genevestigator Webinar Training


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