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Bioinformatics Self Learning Resources

Bioinformatics tools and learning resources relevant to sequencing data and other high-throughput genomic data analysis


This Bioinformatics Self-learning Resources guide has been compiled for students and researchers who are interested in learning how to carry out some of the most common bioinformatics tasks.  This resource provides links to our previous workshops and training on our licensed commercial bioinformatics software.  It also includes the links to our hand-picked list of high-quality publicly accessible tutorials and webinars from other institutions, focusing on open-source tools. 


  • In this guide, all mentions of commercial bioinformatics software which USC has subscribed to are tagged with a  USC-logo  icon.
  • If you already have project data ready to be analyzed, please do contact us and we can help you expedite your analysis alongside your learning.  

USC Libraries Bioinformatics Services

USC Libraries Bioinformatics Services offers consultations via email, in-person and zoom meeting.  Contact us if you have any questions regarding and not limited to: 

  1. NGS data analysis and functional interpretation
  2. NGS experimental design
  3. Advanced literature and data mining for project and grant proposals
  4. Advice on best practices for using the resources in this guide for your specific self-learning objectives

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