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Bioinformatics Self Learning Resources

Bioinformatics tools and learning resources relevant to sequencing data and other high-throughput genomic data analysis

Partek Flow and CLC Gx

Both Partek Flow USC-logo  and CLC Gx USC-logo  can be used to analyze ChIP-seq and ATAC-seq data.  The analyses are limited to essential tasks such as QA/QC, alignment and peak calling.  For more comprehensive analysis, refer to open-source solutions below. 


Partek Flow ChIP-seq/ATAC-seq tutorials


CLC Gx ChIP-seq/ATAC-seq tutorials


Start using Partek Flow / CLC Gx


USC local Galaxy servers are customized to include popular ChIP-seq/ATAC-seq analysis tools.


Galaxy tutorials


Start using USC local Galaxy instances

Online Tutorials