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This guide is designed to aid undergraduate students in their studies in all areas of religion.

Getting Started

There are four article indexes for religion. 

Besides these databases, I recommend Historical Abstracts and America: History & Life for articles dealing with religious history. For articles dealing with primitive and tribal religion consult Anthropology Plus. For articles dealing with ethical theory and philosophical theology consult Philosopher’s Index. For the sociology of religion and social ethics also consult Sociological Abstracts.

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The study of religion corresponds to the study of man’s beliefs, hopes, and fears, plus the institutionalization of these ideas through rituals and rites. Religion’s manifestation is as old as the dawn of human consciousness. Every culture and civilization from past to present have dealt with religious ideas and issues. This library guide is divided into the following fields:

  1. The study of religion in general
  2. Examination of major religions along with their histories and doctrines
  3. The study of religious beliefs in America
  4. The interpretation and analysis of sacred texts

The purpose of this guide is to direct students in this area to important books and reference resources. What follows is a section on indexes and abstracts and a section of research tools (mostly handbooks) for the academic study of religion.


The InscriptiFact Digital Image Library is designed to allow access via the Internet to high-resolution images of ancient inscriptions and artifacts, primarily from the Near Eastern and Mediterranean Worlds. Included are, for example, Dead Sea Scrolls; cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia and Canaan; papyri from Egypt; inscriptions on stone from Jordan, Lebanon and Cyprus; Hebrew, Aramaic, Ammonite and Edomite inscriptions on a variety of hard media (e.g., clay sherds, copper, semi-precious stones, jar handles); and Egyptian scarabs. These ancient texts represent religious and historical documents that serve as a foundation and historical point of reference for Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the cultures out of which they emerged.



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