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Bioinformatics Software: CLC Genomics Workbench

Main applications

CLC Genomics Workbench (CLC Gx) offers end-to-end data analysis solutions to a comprehensive set of next generation sequencing applications

  • Resequencing and variant analysis
  • Epigenomics (Bisulfite sequencing, ChIP-seq)
  • Microbial genomics and metagonomics
  • De novo assembly
  • RNA-seq analysis and small RNA-seq

Why use CLC Genomics Workbench?

  • CLC Gx has been frequently cited in Nature, Science, Cell, PLoS, as well as many other high-impact journals. 
  • CLC Gx offers sophisticated solutions for various NGS applications
  • Friendly user interface
  • Wide selection of tools to build your own analysis pipelines

Access CLC Gx @ USC

USC has licensed CLC Gx for the free use of USC faculty, students and staff. The license consists of TWO concurrent user seats. 

There are two ways to access CLC Gx:

  1. On your own lab/office computers

    • Minimum hardware requirement for general use: 16GB RAM and Intel i7-2600 or faster processor.
    • Minimum hardware requirement for de novo assembly, metagenomics, and raw reads alignment:: 32GB RAM and Intel i7-6700 or faster processor.
    • The computer must be connected to the USC network, either via Ethernet cable on campus or via USC VPN when using wireless (applies to both on- and off-campus wireless connections). 
    • Mandatory registration is required for installing CLC Gx on your computer. Please submit the Local Installation Request Form.
  2. On workstation computers in the libraries
    • The software has been installed on multiple workstation computers:
      • Norris Medical Library (RM203A), the Health Sciences Campus.
      • Wilson Dental Library,  the University Park Campus.
    • Equipped with dual-CPU and 512GB RAM, one of our workstation computers is configured specifically to handle large data set and computationally intensive tasks such as de novo genome assembly and sequencing alignment.
    • All USC users can freely access the software on our workstation computers.
    • First-time users of CLC Gx on our workstation computers must complete the Workstation Request Form.
  3. All users planning to analyze large datasets (total raw datasets exceeds 100GB) must complete the Large Dataset Analysis Request Form

All users must carefully read and comply with the CLC Gx User Access Policy

Need help?

Help @ Qiagen CLC Gx

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