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Medieval Studies and Research: Incunabula at USC - Listing by Name of Author: A-J

This research guide is co-owned and co-authored by Dr. Danielle Mihram & Dr. Melissa L. Miller

Searching our Collections for "Incunabula"

Incunabula at USC - The alphabetical listing on this page and on the next (by name of author: A-J and K-J, respectively) includes 70 incunabula with a printing date ranging from 1470 (three incunabula, e.g. Eusebius - Eusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea, ca. 260 - ca. 340 AD) to 1500 (five incunabula; e.g. MacrobiusMacrobius, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosiu [also known as Theodosius], 370-430 AD ).  This information is the result of a catalog search undertaken in July 2020. Updates to such numbers will be made when new incunabula will be added to our collections.

The number of incunabula (original and facsimilies) currently in our USC libraries collections amounts to approximately 555 titles. To retrieve this result, use the following Search Strategy:

      Select "Advanced Search", limit your search to "Catalog", and then select "Subject" for the term, "Incunabula".

To refine our search in order to limit the number of our incunabula printed during the earliest period of typography (i.e., from the invention of the art of typographic printing in Europe in the 1450s to the end of the 15th century), a date range needs to be included in our search strategy: 1400-1501.       Please note: Among the resulting  97 titles, 27 are facsimiles or reprints.  These are not included on this page or the next.

Alphabetical Listing by Author: A

Alphabetical Listing by Author: B

Alphabetical Listing by Author: C-D

Alphabetical Listing by Author: E-G

Alphabetical Listing by Author: H-J