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Wilson Dental Library Student Worker Training Guide

Personal Appearance

We expect everyone to be clean, well-groomed, professional, etc. We do not allow student library assistants to wear sandals or hats/beanies while at work.

Keep in mind that patrons often do no distinguish between who is a librarian, staff member, or student worker, so it is important that we all are professional in demeanor. While at work, we represent WDL and should do our best to create excellent first impressions and maintain a level of professionalism.



While working in the library, you will come across sensitive or personal information. Information such as addresses, phone numbers, types of material borrowed, and other personal information is considered confidential by the University and cannot be shared with anyone. Any inquiries made about this information can be directed to a Staff member.



Please direct any filming requests or advertisements to our Library Director, Hannah Schilperoort.


Please review this page regularly to stay up to date on student worker policies. If any further clarification is needed, please ask the Library Supervisor, Olivia Carreon.

Work Schedule and Time Sheets

Semester schedules are generated based off your availability provided to the Library Supervisor (in the format of a Google Form). It is up to you to regularly check your schedule for any changes that may occur. Schedules are usually set on a repeating basis; however, due to changes in full time staff schedules and extended hours, your shifts may alter slightly. 

The Library Supervisor will send out biweekly emails and it is at this time that you should notify the Library Supervisor of any problems with working certain shifts.

You are required to notify Staff immediately (call 213-740-0008 or email if you will be late or absent. Failure to communicate to Staff tardiness or absence will result in verbal or written warnings, with repeated occurrences resulting in termination. 

Student Library Assistants are given access to the Google Calendars used to schedule the Library in addition to a Student Library Assistant roster with everyone's contact phone number and email address. Notify the Library Supervisor should you not have access or trouble understanding this shared calendar system.

Please also use the Student Library Assistant roster to reach out to fellow student workers regarding covering each other's shifts. If you know you are unable to make it to a scheduled shift, email the other student workers to see if someone can pick it up or switch with you. Always cc' in your emails regarding any changes that are made to schedules.


Pay periods are biweekly and setting up direct deposit (via Workday) is highly encouraged. Student Library Assistants should all be using the clock in/out feature on Workday to accurately reflect the times they worked. Any manual entry needs a reason provided in the "comments" field. Students are required to review their time sheets before submitting for approval. 


Paid sick time is also available. Please notify the Library Supervisor if you'd like to use sick time to cover an absence due to health-related reasons.

Breaks and Meal Periods

For every 3.5 hours worked, you are alloted one 15 minute break. Report to the Staff member at the front desk before taking your break, and report back as soon as your break has ended. You are not allowed to save breaks to use to get off work earlier nor may you accumulate break periods to take at once. 


If you work more than 5 hours, but not more than 6, you are allowed to opt out of taking a mandatory meal period of 35 minutes. If you are scheduled to work over 6 hours consecutively, you are required to take a 35 minute meal period. 


You may use the Staff break room table, refrigerator, sink, and kitchen space for breaks and food storage. However, please clean up after yourself and do not leave food in the refrigerator for extended periods of time. Dishes must be done before you leave for the day.


Food and drink are not allowed with you at the front desk. 


Work Time & Electronics

Our primary concern is attentiveness to our patrons. This means that headphones, earbuds, laptops, and tablets are not allowed at work. Cellphone usuage must be kept to a minimum. Please do not have visitors while you are scheduled to work as that not only distracts you from our patrons, but also does not appear professional to our patrons. Failure to adhere to this will result in verbal or written warnings. 

Any personal use of library facitilies and equipment (printing, copying, fax, etc.) must be approved by a Staff member first.

Progressive Discipline

We follow the disciplinary practices laid out by the University.


This means that performance and behavior issues will be addressed as soon they arise and escalate according to this scale:

Oral Warning - The Library Supervisor will address the issue at hand, providing the employee information about why the performance/behavior is unacceptable, what the acceptable performance/ behavior is, ways to correct the issue, expectations for the future, and any consequences for failing to adhere to this conversation.

Written Warning - If the performance or behavior is not corrected by an oral warning or if the issue is significant, a written warning will be issued. This will detail the the inappropriate performance/behavior, refers to previous warnings, details the required corrections and expectations, and suggestions for how the employee can improve. This must be signed by the Library Supervisor and employee.

Termination - If peformance/behavior issues are not correct or are serious enough, the employee may be terminated.