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Wilson Dental Library Student Worker Training Guide


Congratulations! You are a now a Student Library Assistant at the Wilson Dental Library.

This LibGuide was created to assist in the training of the Wilson Dental Library's student library assistants. 


Important Links


You will use Workday to clock in/out of work as well as view pay stubs, track sick time, and set up direct deposit.


Here's a quick tour of the Wilson Dental Library:


Staff Area

  • The work spaces of the Library Supervisor, Library Assistants, and the Computer Services Consultant
  • A kitchen space with a sink and refrigerator that student workers may use. Cabinets above this area hold cups, utensils, etc. for all to use
  • A computer and scanner set up to handle InterLibrary Loan (ILL) requests (mainly used for ILL, but also used for scanning and other special projects assigned by library staff)
  • Staff Printer
  • Cabinets that contain office supplies
  • Cash register to handle all monetary transactions (library staff handle ALL monetary transactions including fines and book sale)
  • Key lock box that holds all keys used in the Library

Reserves Area

  • All Reserves books are clearly marked with a blue Reserves label near the Call Number
  • These are the most frequently used texts by the Ostrow community
  • Reserves are 3 hour check outs and may go out of the library (EXCEPT COPY 1)
  • Copy 1 is always LIBRARY USE ONLY and may never leave the library
  • Any extra copies may leave the library and after 4pm they may circulate overnight (due back the next business day at 10 am)

Circulation Desk

  • Two Student Library Assistant work stations and a Staff work station.
  • Our Media collection in the green cabinets.
  • Across from the Circulation Desk are two computers used for searching the catalog, making Group Study Room Reservations, printing, etc.
  • Also across from the Circulation Desk is the Book Sale. Please refer to Staff for these transactions.
  • The New Books Shelf is located near the Circulation Desk. These books are available for check out.

Virtual Reference 

  • Five computers and scanners that anyone with USC credentials can log in to (labeled "JawRef #"). These computers are equipped with software needed by Ostrow students, faculty, and staff. The main program we get questions on is Citrix (which dental students use to log into another program called Axium to view their patients' records).
  • The Reference Office. Our Information Services Librarian is available for all research-related questions, specifically about "Learning Needs". Please refer research inquiries to our Librarian in person or the Ask a Librarian form on our website  if they are unavailable. 

Copy Room

  • Department Copier for the Ostrow Community. Requires specific copy code to use
  • USC Libraries Print & Copy Card Dispenser to purchase print cards with cash
  • Printer used for USC_BW and USC_Color print jobs.
  • Office supplies
  • Reams of paper used to refill printers and copiers located in the locked cabinets
  • The DENTAL cabinet contains paper for the Ostrow Department Copier.
  • The HSL cabinets store standard printing paper for the WDL staff printer (in the staff office).
  • The XEROX cabinets contain paper and other printing supplies from the Xerox (public) printers.

Reading Room

  • Reference Collection. These books DO NOT CIRCULATE and are clearly marked with a yellow Reference label by the Call Number
  • Study space 
  • Group Study Rooms
  • The Library Director's office
  • Book Room. Books in this location circulate for four weeks including the Oversize book collection
  • Bound Journal Room. All bound journals are alphabetically organized. Oversized journals can be found here as well, alphabetically organized.
  • Current Journal Shelving. All current journals are alphabetically organized
  • Rare Book Room. This room provides a conference space for our Staff as well as Ostrow faculty and staff (with permission needed from the Library Director). Houses our collection of rare books, archives, and historical dental-related items.


Hours of Operation

Library Hours

Monday - Friday

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM


*During the dental school's midterms (February, June, October) and finals (April, July/August, December), we offer Extended Hours. The Library will close at a later time during these weeks.


*During Trimester Break (April, August, December), we may shorten our hours of operation.