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Wilson Dental Library Student Worker Training Guide

Quick Tips

Patience - Take the time to have competent and interactive service with your customer.

Attentiveness - Actively listen to what your customer is saying, both directly and indirectly.

Communication - Be ready to discuss your services and policies with the customer; as well as address their comments and concerns in an effective manner.

Product Knowledge - Learn the ins and outs of your products and/or services so you can relay them to your customer.

Positive Language - Focus on the positive while interacting with customers. Get them to a successful resolution rather than concentrating on the negative.

Conflict Resolution - Think creatively to problem solve. Reach out to other staff or departments to find the right answers for your customer.   

Responsibility - Take ownership in your services and products and be able to advocate for your company.

Teamwork - Your team is your best resource. Partner with coworkers to provide the customer with an excellent experience.

Feedback - Give your customers an outlet to provide feedback - use this to make improvements!

Customer Service Training Tools

We have all heard the adage, "Practice Makes Perfect."
However, in the words of former NFL Coach, Vince Lombardi

"Practice Does Not Make Perfect,
Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Negative Customer Service

Telephone Etiquette

When answering the phone, please say, "Wilson Dental Libary, how can I help you?" or "Learning Center, how can I help you?" This welcoming message and tone makes the patron feel comfortable with asking questions.


Be familar with how to put a caller on hold and how to transfer calls to the appropriate extension.


Place caller on hold and ask Staff for assistance if needed.

Student Library Assistant Report Form

Always refer to a Staff member first, however if no one is available you can use the Student Library Assistant Report Form

  • Take down messages, including patron's contact information
  • Record any issues with handling cash, if a Staff member is not there to help immediately.
  • Explain any other problems or concerns with difficult patrons, questions you are unable to answer, etc.