GESM 131b (Social Media Analysis: Media and the Latinx Community): Your Topic

Reseach strategies

Developing a research strategy will help keep you focused on your topic, save time and locate subject specific resources for your topic. 

  • Brain storm
     Develop Research Questions  I Find Background Information
  • Create a Concept map | identify Keywords
  • Revise | List research question
  • Focus |Select a research question
  • Reflection
    Narrowed research questions to the top three questions 
    • Will the research question address a relevant, meaningful, and related to media and social change?
    • Does the question deal with a topic or issue of  interest?
    • Does it challenge or question current knowledge practices, theories, or assumptions, and will help you?

Planning your research

Think of your research in sub-questions.  These additional questions also have additional points that relate to the initial research question.

This is where you can start to generate the keywords, concepts and phrases to use in locating the literature written on your topic.

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