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Physician Assistant (PA) Program

USC-Paid Apps

Complete Anatomy

This interactive anatomy resource allows you to view body systems, add layers, explore physiological features, and more.  Tools include; cutting, labeling, bone spurs, screen recordings, quiz creation and more.  

  • Complete Anatomy is available for these platforms and can be downloaded onto multiple devices: iPads (2014 and newer), Macs (10.11 and later), Windows 10, iPhones (5S or later), and Android phones, too.  Check out all device compatibility and recommended system specifications.

    • Note: this app is large and complex, and installing on phones is supported, but many people experience problems. We recommend using this on a tablet or computer.

  • For the faculty code, that allows you to create custom curricula that can be pushed to student accounts, please email and include the following: First and Last Name / Dept. or Division / Title of Course.  

  • Follow the instructions below to download the STUDENT app and code.

1. Click link to register for a redemption code, using your email. If your division or department is not listed in the drop-down, select Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy. Do not select Other.

2. You will receive an email with a redemption code and instructions on how to proceed.

3. Download the app to your devices from these links, or your app store: iPadMacWindows 10iPhone, and Android.

4. Redemption codes expire at the end of each academic year.  You will need to return to this site to obtain a new code. 

Having problems with the app? If you encounter issues accessing the Complete Anatomy app, please contact the Complete Anatomy Customer Support team at for assistance. You will receive a response within 24 hours. If you do not hear back, please contact the library's reference services at


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