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Bioinformatics Software: Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA)

General Information

Full day hands-on training on both the basic and advanced uses of IPA.  You will learn how to interpret gene expression data: understanding the pathway involvement, effected bioliogcal processes, causal regulators and their directional effect on genes.  


Time: May 28, 2015

Place: Aresty Auditorium, HSC

Lunch will be provided.  Registration is mandatory. 

Training Agenda

9 am to 2:30pm - IPA Hands-on Training (lunch will be provided)

  • IPA Core Analysis
    • Data Format & Upload
    • Launching an Analysis in IPA
  • IPA Suite of Analytical Tools for Biological Interpretation
    • Canonical Pathways: Predicts pathways that are changing based on gene expression
    • Downstream Analysis: Identify whether significant downstream biological processes are increased or decreased based on gene expression results.
    • Upstream Analytics: Predict upstream molecules, including microRNA and transcription factors, which may be causing the observed gene expression changes.
    • Networks: Predicts non-directional gene interaction map 
    • Comparison Analysis: Quickly visualize trends and similarities across analyses 
  • Tools for Building Pathways
    • Grow
    • Build
    • Overlay


3pm to 4 pm - IPA New Advanced Capabilities Seminar

  • Regulator Effects and Causal Networks: Provides insights into your data by integrating Upstream Regulator results with Downstream Effects results to create causal hypotheses that explain what may be occurring upstream to cause particular phenotypic or functional outcomes downstream.

  • Bioprofiler: Make novel discoveries by filtering the fine-grained relationships between molecules (genes, RNAs, proteins, and chemicals) and diseases or functions.