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Italian Studies Research Guide : Databases by Authors

This guide provides an overview of resources in Italian Studies. It can be used in tandem with research guides specifically created in support of courses offered in the Italian curriculum.


Dante Alighieri: A Guide to Online Resources.

Dante Online   From the Societa Dantesca Italiana. Available in English or Italian.  Includes Vita, Opere, Manoscritti & Bibliografia. English & Italian versions.

Dartmouth Dante Project   Searchable database of Dante's Divina Commedia, as well as commentaries written about it (between 1321 and 2003).

Digital Dante Project (Columbia University)

World of Dante     A multi-media research tool intended to facilitate the study of the Divine Comedy through a wide range of offerings. These include an encoded Italian text which allows for structured searches and analyses, an English translation, interactive maps, diagrams, music, a database, timeline and gallery of illustrations. Many of these features allow users to engage the poem dynamically through the integrated components of this site.

Renaissance Dante in Print (1472-1629)   This on-line exhibition presents Renaissance editions of Dante's Divine Comedy from the John A. Zahm, C.S.C., Dante Collection at the University of Notre Dame, together with selected treasures from The Newberry Library. The 15th- and 16th- century imprints presented here form the heart of Zahm's collection, which totals nearly 3,000 volumes, including rare editions and critical studies from the Renaissance to the present.

Stony Brook Dante Project    English translations of The Divine Comedy by James F. Cotter and The Lyric Poetry by Joseph Tusiani.


Decameron Web   This searchable site presents an archive of materials dedicated to Boccaccio's masterpiece. Materials include the text of the 'Decameron,' a timeline of Boccaccio's life, information about the plague, music, art, society, religion, and other topics related to the book. Also includes maps and a bibliography. Some material available in Italian. From Brown University.

Leopardi    (Centro Nazionale di Studi Leopoldiani, Recanati).   Full-text access to Leopardi's works.

Machiavelli The Official Site   Offers outlines and summaries of The Prince, a compilation of all major works by Machiavelli, biographies of Machiavelli and his contemporaries, and analyses of his writings and renaissance history.

Pico Project - (University of Bologna and Brown University) The Pico Project makes accessible a complete resource for the reading and interpretation of the Discourse on the Dignity of Man (1486) by Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494) which is considered the "Manifesto of the Renaissance): from an initial encounter through direct contact with the original text, presented here in its first printed edition (Bologna 1496) of which there exist no extant manuscripts.

Progetto Niccolò Machiavelli (Giuseppe Bonghi) 
Full-text access to Michiavelli's works as well as early "approfondimenti critici".

Progetto Pico (della Mirandola) (University of Bologna & Brown University)
Full-text access to Pico della Mirandola's Discourso (Bologna, 1496).

Francesco Petrarch & Laura deNoves   (By Peter Sadlon)   Full texts of Petrarch's books, poems and letters, many in English translation, but also parallel columns of Italian and English in the Canzoniere may be found in the 'Writings' section of this web site developed by Peter Sadlon.

Gabriele d'Annunzio   This web site's purpose is to 'restore the role deserved by d'Annunzio in art and history,' and contains biographical information, a bibliography, a chronology and an archive of images.