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GESM 120 : Daughters of Africa: Black Women in U.S. History

Approved Paper/Presentation Topics

  1. Black women in the Abolitionist Movement and Underground Railroad (at least 4)
  2. Black women in the suffrage movement from 1820-1920 (at least 4)
  3. Black women in the struggle for the vote 1920-1965  (at least 4)
  4. Black women school and college founders 1870s-1950s  (at least 3)
  5. Pioneering Black women Journalists and their campaigns (Shadd Carey, Wells Barnett, Bass etc.)
  6. Black Business women before 1950, the politics of Black women’s businesses (at least 3 include Maggie Walker and Madam C. J. Walker)
  7. Voices and activism of women in the Garvey Movement (at least 3)
  8. Black women’s left activism in the Communist and Socialist movements (at least 3)
  9. Black women in the Nation of Islam and other Muslim movements (at least 2)
  10. Black lesbian and Transgender women’s activism
  11. Black women leaders in Black Lives Matter, #Say Her Name, and the Movement 4 Black Lives
  12. Black Womanist Theologians
  13. Black women and Pan Africanism 1900- to the Free South Africa Movement
  14. Black women activists in state and federal politics, 1968—to the present (at least 4)
  15. Black women’s voices in the Prison abolition and Defund the Police movements (at least 3)
  16. Black feminists and womanists: theory and praxis. (at least 3)
  17. Black women’s activism in sports (at least 3 more than one sport)
  18. Black women’s protest poetry or music (at least 4 poets/musicians covering at least 2 different eras of protest)
  19. Black women labor organizers in the 20th and 21st centuries
  20. Black women voting rights activists since 1965 (at least 3)