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GESM 120 : Daughters of Africa: Black Women in U.S. History

Online Reference Sources

Large Online Reference Collections:

  • -- an online reference center that makes available materials on African American history. These materials include an online encyclopedia of over 4,000 entries, the complete transcript of more than 300 speeches by African Americans, other people of African ancestry, and those concerned about race, given between 1789 and 2016, over 140 full text primary documents, bibliographies, timelines and six gateway pages with links to digital archive collections, African and African American museums and research centers, genealogical research websites, and more than 200 other website resources on African American and global African history.

Print Reference Sources

USC has hundreds of reference books that provide authoritative background information to help you get started on your research. Here is just a sampling:

Finding Reference Sources

There are several ways to search for reference/background sources on your topic:

1) In the USC Libraries main search box, conduct a keyword search that includes the type of resource you're looking for:

native americans and bibliography

slavery and encyclopedia

In the results page, select the Location: "Reference".

2) Another option is to search Reference Universe, an online tool that allows you to search for both print and online reference collections.

3) Go to the LA Times Reference Room in Doheny Memorial Library and browse the shelves.