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French Field Examination - Research Guide: 18th and 19th centuries

This guide provides you with information and links in support of the French Field Examination

Searching for 18th Century or 19th Century e-Books in our USC collection

The size of our collection of books for French culture and literature is substantial.  For the 18th and 19th centuries, the information in this page is limited to searches in the database Cambridge Core as a very preliminary access to the research relevant to your reading list for the French Field examination.

To access online books in our collection,  please use the following procedures: 


To access these E-books, go to the library's main page

Select  Advanced Search from the drop-down menu "Everything"   Advanced Search

Once in "Advanced Search"  type:     French literature  - eighteenth century   OR    French literature  - nineteenth century

And then select "Subject" by scrolling down in the Field column. Once there, from the left-most column on the page, under "Availability", select "Available online".


Go to the library's main page

Select Advanced Search from the drop-down menu "Everything"  

Once in "Advanced Search"  type the last name of the author (e.g.  Diderot) and then select "author" by scrolling down in the Field column. 

Once there, from the left-most column on the page, under "Availability", select  Available online.


Cambridge Core (Chapters in Books) - 18th Century

USC databases

Internet Resources

XVIIIe siecle - Lumieres et Revolutions  - Gallica: les Essentiels de Litterature.  Click on: Approches thematiques   and   Repères.

Cambridge Core (Chapters in Books) - 19th Century

General studies - 19th century