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French Field Examination - Research Guide: Renaissance

This guide provides you with information and links in support of the French Field Examination

Nota Bene

The information on this page complements the information available in the database, Oxford Bibliographies Online as well as all other databases and E-books collections noted on this guide's Home page. 

Internet Databases

Medieval and Renaissance Web (at WESS) -  Provides access to scholarly resources for Western Middle Ages and the Renaissance.   


Joachim du Bellay

Defense et Illustration de la Langue Francaise (Library of Congress World Digital Library)-  Access to  Downloadable text dated 1549.

Defense et Illustration de la Langue Francaise  - Full text in modern French - from Internet source: Joachim Du Bellay, La défense et illustration de la langue française, Paris, Nelson, 1936 [complété par l'édition Louis Humbert chez Garnier].


Louise Labe

Louise Labe. Sonnets of Louise Labe. Transl. by Alata Lind Cook. Cook, Alta Lind. Toronto : University of Toronto Press2017. Bilingual edition: printed beside the text of the 1556 edition, the translations of the sonnets by Alta Lind Cook follow closely the original version. Available online.

Oxford Bibliographies - Louise Labe. A comprehensive coverage of Labe's works, including her poetry and her prose, French editions and translated editions, early modern european women writers, and Petrarchism and women's lyrics.



Oxford Bibliographies Online

Michel de Montaigne

Additional titles for Montaigne (downloadable as PDFs) are accessible, using "Montaigne" as an author search, in our database, Cambridge Companions to Philosophy, Religion and Culture.

Marguerite de Navarre

Marguerite de Navarre - Oxford Bibliographies -  A  comprehensive coverage of de Navarre's works (including bibliographies and biographies); the medieval legacy, Humanism, Evangelicalism, and the Reformation; and her influence on contemporary thought. 

Marguerite de Navarre. Selected writings a bilingual edition.   Chicago : University of Chicago Press; 2008. (Chap. VII. Selections from The Heptameron; Notes). Available online.

Lyons, John D. and McKinley, Mary B. Critical tales : new studies of the Heptameron and early modern culture. Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Pressc1993. Available online 


Berry, Alice Fiola. The Charm of catastrophe - a study of Rabelais's Quart Livre . Chapel Hill : U.N.C. Dept. of Romance Languages2000. Available online.

Hayes, E. Bruce. Rabelais's radical farce : late medieval comic theater and its function in RabelaisFarnham, Surrey, England ; Burlington, VT : Ashgatec2010. Available online.
Oxford Biblographies - Francois Rabelais - A comprehensive documentation on Rabelais, his works (detailed analysis of each of his works), as well as   his influence and his role in Humanism. 


Campo, Roberto E. Ronsard's Contentious Sisters The Paragone between Poetry and Painting in the Works of Pierre de Ronsard Chapel Hill : U.N.C. Dept. of Romance Languages1998. Available online.

Oxford Biblographies - Pierre de Ronsard.  - A comprehensive overview of Ronsard's works and his influence, as well as the political aspects of his works, and the role of the plastiic arts in the composition of his poems.

Satterthwaite, Alfred W. Spenser, Ronsard, and Du Bellay.  Princeton, N.J., Princeton University Press; 1960. Available online.

Shapiro, Norman R. Lyrics of the French Renaissance : Marot, Du Bellay, Ronsard New Haven, CT : Yale University Press; 2008. Available online.  The original French poems-more than 150 in all-and their new English translations appear on facing pages.