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This Resource Guide meant to give an overview of materials and resources available at USC Libraries for students and researchers in field of Applied Psychology. For additional resources, visit the Psychology and the Business Research Guides.

Where Do I Start?

Not Exactly Sure Where To Begin?

To know where to look, you first need to know what you are looking for. Think about all the aspects you need to address your topic, these become your initial "keywords". Then it's time to start digging into your topic.

  • Define your topic
  • Identify keywords and terms to assist you in searching for articles and other resources: What words will authors use to write about the topic? What terms and/or concepts are generally used to describe your topic?
  • Identify the databases where you will start; if you aren't certain, use a general USC Libraries search or another cross-database search (e.g., ProQuest or Google Scholar)
  • Once you find an appropriate article (or something close), locate additional keywords and subject terms to focus and expand your search
  • Repeat your search with different combination of terms and in different databases

The USC Libraries Knowing Where to Look tutorial is a great place to start identifying the best search engines for your research questions. Additional resources include the Developing Keywords tutorial and the Searching Solutions research guide.

For search terms and topic ideas, consider reviewing reference sources including:

ScienceDaily: Workplace Health News

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Citation Management Programs

Managing all the materials you find and review is a key to success. Citation management programs allow you to import references from various databases and organize them to meet your needs. For more information, visit the USC Libraries Citation Guide and Library Tips: Choosing a Citation Manager and Citation Managers.
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