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Welcome to the primary research guide for Anthropology!

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Welcome to the Research Guide for Anthropology!

Navigate the tabs to find the best tools for your research. If you are off-campus, you may be prompted to log into the remote access portal with your USC email ID and password.

Table of Contents:


Primary Anthropology Research Databases

Anthropology Plus

USC Head, Philosophy Library/Humanities Librarian

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Melissa Miller
Dr. Melissa L. Miller
Head, Hoose Library of Philosophy / Humanities Librarian
Subject Specialist for: Philosophy, Religion, Anthropology, History of Science and Technology, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature

Office hours: By appointment only

Library Supervisor: Leavey Library & Hoose Library of Philosophy

Rebecca Michelson
Leavey Library: Evening/Weekend Public Services Library Supervisor
Hoose Library of Philosophy: Public Services Library Supervisor

Guide Credit

Most of the content on this page was originally created by Susan Gardner.


Additional Services Offered

Faculty and Graduate Student TA's, USC Libraries offers the following additional services:

Instructional Services 

Services offered:

USC Libraries uses the Association of College & Research Libraries‘ Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education as well as discipline-specific standards as guiding documents for instructional services.

by Dr. Jade Winn, Assistant  Dean for Programs, Planning & Assessment, Associate University Librarian.

If you have any questions please contact us or Dr. Jade Winn.