Evidence Synthesis: Systematic & Scoping Reviews for the University Park Campus: Regulatory Info. & Govt. Documents

Services for Systematic Reviews Outside of Medicine

Clinical Trials Resources

Trial registries can be used to search for protocols and to identify unpublished studies and outcomes.  Resources with the broadest global perspective are listed first.  



Regulatory Information

Clinical and statistical reviews can provide information on directions for use, efficacy & effectiveness, and safety.  Some of the more commonly searched resources are listed below, grouped geographically and then by scope of coverage (American, European, Canadian).

Regulatory Information - FDA

FDA resources are some of the main resources to search for grey literature, particularly for documents about unpublished clinical trials.  The most commonly searched resources are Drugs@FDA and Devices@FDA.  See Paynter's guide for specifics on what and how to search these sites.     

Government Documents

Government documents contain many grey literature documents.  The first three resources are the most commonly searched.  The remaining resources are grouped geographically (American, European).

United States Health Resources

Additional U.S. resources.