Evidence Synthesis: Systematic & Scoping Reviews for the University Park Campus: UPC Publications & Presentations

Services for Systematic Reviews Outside of Medicine

Publications & Presentations (service began 7/2020)

Hao, T., Chen, Y. & Winn, J.G. (2024). Assessing MOOC Success: A Systematic Review of Determining Factors. Hawaii International Conference on Education 2024. Waikoloa, Hawaii.

Hao, T., Winn, J. G., & Qiang, Q. (2023). Unlocking Potential: Systematic Review of the Use of Gamification in Leadership Curriculum. Education and Information Technologies. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10639-023-12332-0

Hao, T., Winn, J.G., & Qiang, Q (2023). Gamification of Leadership Studies Curriculum: A Systematic Review. (2012-2022) The International Leadership Association's 25th Global Conference on Cultivating Leadership for a Thriving Future. Vancouver, Canada.

Kaurloto, C. & Winn, J.G. (2022).  Learning About Evidence Synthesis Through Mentorship. Evidence Synthesis Institute Symposium 2022.

Marsalis, M., Winn, J.G. &  Kibbee, M. (2023) Invited Panelist: Systematic and Evidence Synthesis Reviews: Supporting Research in the Social Sciences, American Library Association Annual Conference 2023.

Mozgai, S., Beland, S., Leeds, A., Winn, J.G., Kaurloto, C.,  Heylen, D., & Hartholt, A. (2023, January).Toward a Semi-Automated Scoping Review of Social Intelligence in Virtual Humans. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Socially Interactive Human-like Virtual Agents within the 17th IEEE Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition.

Mozgai, S., Kaurloto, C., Winn, J.G., Leeds, A., Heylan, D., Hartholt, A. & Scherer, S. (2023). Machine Learning for Semi-Automated Scoping Reviews. Intelligent Systems with Applications. Preprint https://doi.org/10.1016/j.iswa.2023.200249

Mozgai, S., Kaurloto, C., Winn, J., Leeds, A., Beland, S., Sookiassian, & A., Hartholt, A. (2024, May). Accelerating Scoping Reviews: A Case Study in the User-Centered Design of an AI-Enabled Interdisciplinary Research Tool. In Extended Abstracts of the 2024 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Mozgai, S., Winn, J., Kaurloto, C., Leeds, A., Heylen, D., and Hartholt, A. (2022, June). Toward a Semi-Automated      Scoping Review of Virtual Human Smiles. Smiling and Laughter Across Contexts and the Life-Span Workshop. In Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'22).

Oh, H., Winn, J., Li Verdugo, J., Bañada, R., Zachry, C., Chan, G., Okine, L., Park, J., Formigoni, M., Leaune, E. (2024). Mental health outcomes of multiracial individuals: A Systematic Review Between the Years 2017-2022. Journal of Affective Disorders 374, (p. 375-386).https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jad.2023.11.040

Pol, G., Eisend, M., Niewiadomska, D., Riley, J. Borah, A., Winn, J., Koz, O. (2024). Well-done and Well-used: State-of-the-art & AI-based Approaches for Optimizing the Production and Utility of Meta-Analyses in Consumer Research. Annual Conference  Society for Consumer Psychology, Nashville, Tennessee.

Pol, G., Niewiadomska, D., Riley, J., Eisend, M., Winn, J., and Koz, O. (2023). Current Data Extraction Practices in Meta-Analysis Research and How to Improve Them with the Help of AI. Association for Consumer Research North American Conference, Seattle, WA, October.

Semborski, S., Winn, J.G., Rhoads, H., Petry, L. & Henwood, B.F. (2022). The application of GIS in Homelessness Research and Service Delivery: A Qualitative Systematic Review. Health & Place, 75  doi.org/10.1016/j.healthplace.2022.102776

Srivastava, A., Winn, J., Senese IV, J. & Goldbach, J.T. (2022). Sexual orientation change among adolescents and young adults: A systematic review. Archives of Sexual Behavior. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10508-022-02394-5

Rebbe, R., Eastman, A., Adhia, A. Chan, M. & Winn, J. (2022 May) The measurement of inter-partner violence using ICD codes. Journal of Trauma & Violence. doi:10.1177/15248380221090977 PMID: 35506696.

Winn, J.G. (2024). On the Road to Non-RCT Evidence Synthesis Protocols. Evidence Synthesis Institute Symposium 2024.

Winn, J.G. (2024). Introducing Cognetto: Customizable Data Extraction and Quality Control for non-RCT Evidence Synthesis.  Evidence Synthesis Institute Symposium 2024.

Winn, J.G. & Kaurloto, C. (2024). Building Productive Relationships in Evidence Synthesis. Evidence Synthesis Institute Symposium 2024.

Winn, J.G. & Kaurloto, C. (2022). Developing a Successful Interdisciplinary Evidence Synthesis Service. Evidence Synthesis Institute Symposium 2022.

Winn, J.G., & Semborski, S. (2022). Collaborative Systematic Review Services: High Touch Partnerships for Evidence Synthesis in the Behavioral Sciences. Association of College and Research Libraries, Education and Behavioral Sciences Section, Research Committee Virtual Research Forum.