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Primary Sources

A selective guide to finding primary sources at USC and beyond

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When given the opportunity to work directly with primary source materials, students become more actively engaged than they do with standard textbooks. Working with primary sources also teaches students to approach sources critically and to evaluate and verify information while attempting to discern connections.

We welcome opportunities to teach and co-teach classes on primary source and original research as well as to suggest an array of relevant materials for your students to work with. We are also happy to work with you on class projects incorporating original research with our primary sources. We can also set up classes that combine online database searching along with exploration of archival materials.

To schedule a class visit to Special Collections or to discuss potential research project ideas that include locally held primary source materials contact us at:

To request that a librarian come to your classroom to discuss digital primary sources contact:

Special Collections can accommodate classes up to 25 students in its main room (DML 206), and has a seminar room for smaller groups. The main room is equipped with a retractable screen which may be used for presentations. All rooms in Doheny Memorial Library are equipped with WiFi.

As there is a great demand to the use the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library (Room 206) during certain times of the semester, faculty are encouraged to contact us as far in advance as possible in order to ensure that their schedule can be accommodated.

Photo of Feuchtwanger Memorial Library (Room 206) by Rachelle Balinas-Smith for the USC Libraries