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Library & Information Science *

A resource for the USC Libraries as well as our MMLIS and LIM certificate programs.

"Your Life Work"

"An episode of US Government film series on careers. I assume it was shown to high school students. This one was filmed at the Iowa State College (now Iowa State University) library in 1946." From: YouTube travelinlibrarian

Library and Information Science Training and Workshops

As LIS professionals we embrace life long learning. The resources listed below are one way do keep abreast of the newest information and trends within the field of library science.

USC Professional Development Resources

USC offers these two fantastic resources for students, faculty, and staff who are interested in their personal professional development. These complimentary resources are fun, educational, and very informative!

Education Specific Professional Development

LIS professionals often work in tandem with education. The resources below offer some great free webinars that will help you with community outreach within the educational field.