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Systematic Reviews (in the Health Sciences)

Guidance for conducting health sciences systematic reviews.

Overview of the Systematic Review Process

This is an outline of the steps for conducting systematic reviews. The other pages on this guide provide more in-depth guidance for each step. 

Prior to starting a SR or other evidence synthesis project, select a methodological framework to follow. This framework will provide guidance in how to apply each step below. For example, step 4 below advises you to select databases and design searches to find relevant publications. The Cochrane Handbook provides advice on what databases and publications are considered relevant for producing a systematic review adhering to Cochrane standards and advice on what is considered a thorough search to adhere to this standard. The Joanna Briggs Manual for Evidence Synthesis provides advice on what databases and publications, and what search methods, are considered relevant for producing evidence syntheses projects of various types that adhere to JBI standards.

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