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Systematic Reviews (in the Health Sciences)

Guidance for conducting health sciences systematic reviews.

Data Extraction Best Practices

  • At least two reviewers should independently extract data to reduce bias and errors.
  • Use an existing data extraction form, template, or tool as your foundation and customize according to your research question.
  • Train reviewers and pilot the form/tool to ensure consistency and accuracy. Revise as needed.
  • Document changes, decisions, reasoning, and discrepancies. 

Data Extraction Templates

You can customize these templates for your own use. Other templates can be found via a Google search or in published systematic reviews.

Data Extraction Software

Some teams choose to use the same software or tool for screening, selection, and data extraction. Other teams choose to use one software or tool for screening and selection and another tool for data extraction.  

USC Libraries Supported Software

Freely Available Software

Paid Software

Find More Tools:

Covidence Help for Data Extraction

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