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Provide information on how to search/browse/navigate the Digital Library built on Cortex by Orange Logic.


The best way to use Digital Library is to find a collection or group of collections to search. If you scroll below the search box you will see that there are collections grouped around themes. You can search these groupings or the collections that are listed.  

Clicking on the title of a theme or clicking on browse will allow you to search all of the collections that are organized under that heading. 

Check the filters to be sure that they are selected appropriately.

Digital Library Filter Box 

If you want to view fewer items or if you are searching for books or documents you should set up your filters to select Folders and Multiple Items, but not select Collections and Subcollections.

Note: Please select "Others" if you are searching for PDFs.

If you want to get more images and the individual pages of books, you should select images and nothing else. 

If you are not seeing filters for your search/browse page, you will find small arrows on both sides of the lightbox/items arranged in a grid. Click on either arrow and "Filters" will appear next to the lightbox. 

Lost in the Digital Library?

You typed a search term in the search box and now you have a bunch of results and they don't seem to be what you want. 

Step 1. 

Check your filters. The filters are located on the left side. The ones that you want are under the heading Type. 

Digital Library Filter Box

Step 2. 

Change the filters for type to match what you want in your results. 

  • If you want lots of images and pages from books select "Images" and de-select everything else. 
  • If you want videos select "videos" and de-select everything else. 
  • If you want books, documents and PDFs select "Folders" and de-select "Collections/Subcollections" and select "Other"
  • If you only want PDFs then select "Other" and and de-select everything else. 
  • If you want to see only Collections select "Folders" and Collections/Subcollections and de-select everything else. 

This should adjust the number of results that you see.

Step 3. Your results

If your results don't seem to make sense after you've filtered them, check the view sort and set the sort to relevancy.

<picture of view sort here>

Images with a stack of paper icon on top of them are folders. If you click on a folder you will see more things. It may be images, audio, video, text.

  • If you see a stack of paper icon on top of an envelope or blank piece of paper, the system decided the blank piece of paper should be a cover image for that file. Ignore the cover image. Read the metadata and if it's what you want click on the image, more images will be found in the folder. <envelope cover>
  • If you find that a folder is completely out of order, find the view/sort button and sort the folder by filename ascending. 
  • <view sort here too!>

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