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Digital Library Navigation

Provide information on how to search/browse/navigate the Digital Library built on Cortex by Orange Logic.


In this system folders are signified by a stack of papers on top of an image. This is a folder 


  1. Breadcrumbs - tell you which collection/subcollection and folder your item is in
  2. Title of the item/folder 
  3. Metadata - the blue links are clickable and from controlled vocabularies. They generate a search for that term in the entire Digital Library. 
  4. Search box - if this contains lots of pages that have been OCR'd you can search for individual page text here. 
  5. Folder contents. Here it is the back and front of a post card.
  6. Inherited values are the metadata that a child record gets from a parent. All records are part of collections and subcollections. This record inherited metadata from the Historical Postcard Collection.