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Digital Library Navigation

Provide information on how to search/browse/navigate the Digital Library built on Cortex by Orange Logic.

Using Advanced Search to Find Dissertations and Theses

On the results page you will find a search box. The advanced search is available by clicking on the icon that looks like stitching or an equalizer board. It's circled in the image below. 

When you click on the icon, this box opens. 

1. This is the most important part of the advanced search. This allows you to search specific fields/tags/elements used by the system. 


When you click on "Select a field you will get a list of fields/tags/elements. Scroll through the list. The most useful ones begin with "USC.".


Some common searches 

Author USC.Creator
Thesis Advisor USC.Advisor
Degree Program USC.DegreeProgram
School USC.School

2. Click the plus sign to add another search condition. 

3. Free text allows you to combine your conditions with a free text search of the entire record plus any associated full text. 

Exact text is a controlled vocabulary search when you don't know what field/tag to use. 

Exclude exact free text works like a Boolean NOT. If a record contains the text it will not be returned as part of the results set.