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The Art and Science of Great Teaching: Celebrating the Legacy of William Vennard: Voice Production: The Vibrating Larynx

A one-day symposium made possible by a USC Libraries Dean’s Challenge Grant and cosponsored by the Thornton School of Music.


A 1960 film made at the Groningen University Medical Physics Department, Physiological Laboratory by Janwillem van den Berg, William Vennard, "D. Burger and C. Shervanian". "Illustrates the physiological aspects of voice production. Includes an in depth discussion of the anatomy of the larynx, and the role each part plays."

Part 1

Part 3

From Vennard's slides: "Groningen NL Physiology Lab - Movies of the Vocal Cords"

Part 2

Part 4

Vennard as Test Subject