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International Academy Library Resources

This research guide is designed to support the International Academy across all programs.

Scholarly Versus to Popular Resources

Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journal Article

Popular Magazine Article

Author is expert on topic or scholar

Author may be a lay reporter (non-professional)

Includes sources: footnotes and bibliography

Sources may not be cited formally

Vocabulary is complex and technical

Vocabulary is familiar, non-technical

Graphics used to illustrate a point

Graphics used for visual impact

Published monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually

Published weekly or monthly

Published in an academic journal

Published in a popular, general interest, or news magazine


Report events or findings of others


For more help understanding the difference between scholarly and non-scholarly articles,

Evaluating Sources

Things to Consider When Evaluating Sources

Things to Consider:

Who is the author?

What is the intended purpose?

Who is the audience?

Bias? For profit or personal gain?

Overall credibility?


Instead of searching for the words “pro/con,” try:




"public opinion"



"political aspects"