Pharmacy Students: Year 3: Career Resources

Information resources selected for year 3 Pharmacy students.

Finding Internships and Jobs in Pharmacy

The sites below include pharmacy and pharmaceutical job and internship openings in the United States. Listing here does not imply that USC condones or supports these sites. You may also use Google or another web search tool to locate more intern and job listings.

When searching Google, you can use advanced search or type "", "", or "" to restrict your search to results from educational domains, government domains, or non-profit domains, respectively.

Other ways to find job listings includes reviewing webpages or newsletters from professional or fraternal organizations that you belong to or that focus on your specialty area.

Most of the large chain retail pharmacies (Walmart, Target, RiteAid, etc.) have federated search sites for all their stores.

Faculty and staff also monitor professional pharmacist resources and send job and internship ads to the Pharmacy student listservs. Check your school email to find targeted, relevant jobs and internships for Pharm D students.

Interviewing Help

Career Planning Tools

Writing CVs and Resumes

Writing Cover Letters

The samples and examples of cover letters are provided by other schools and groups.