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Citation Guide: Google Scholar

Guide to various citation styles, including tips for citation analysis and writing.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar ( includes a function to search by particular authors AND the results include links to articles that cite those in the results set.

USC collaborated with Google Scholar to include links to USC article citation databases and electronic journals. To enable this feature on your browser, select Scholar Preferences near the top of the Google Scholar homepage, and in the Library Links box in the resulting screen, type "University of Southern California". Watch a short video on how to do this.

Google Scholar tracks more book/chapter citations than does Web of Science, and it covers more disciplines.

"Cited By" feature

You can use Google Scholar for citation tracking (to see who has cited a work).

Here is an example of a search in Google Scholar for the book called City of Quartz.
Note the "Cited by" link beneath each edition of the book. Click on "Cited by 4,813" to see who is citing this landmark work.

Once you click on the Cited by link you'll see this option at the top fo the page:


See also

Hazring's Publish or Perish citation analyzer uses Google Scholar raw data and performs several operations on it in addition to counts.  More details on the "Citation" tab of this guide.