Science & Engineering Citation Style Guide: American Institute of Physics (AIP)

AIP Citation Style Guide

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) citation style is commonly used for papers in physics and related discplines.

In Text Citations

There are two ways to cite references in-text. Select one and use in consistently in your paper.

1. Superscript Numerals

  • Ex. As pointed out by Roberts, these calculations are in agreement with previous studies.²

Note: Use consecutive numerical order throughout the text and arrange those references in order on the references page.

2. Name & Year

  • Ex. As pointed out by Roberts, these calculations are in agreement with previous studies (Roberts 2012).


Note: If you are using Superscript Numerals for in-text citations, arrange your references in numerical order. If you used the Author's Last Name and Year in-text citation style, arrange your references alphabetically.


Author, "Article title." Journal Title abbreviated. Volume, Starting Page Number (Year of Publication).


Note: These are just some examples, please refer to the AIP Style Guide for more in-depth coverage of citations/references.