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Holocaust Documentary Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): Remembrance


The Eternal Road: An Encounter with the Past
"Documents the restaging in Chemnitz, Germany of the musical drama, The Eternal Road, which was first staged in New York City in 1937. Inspired by Meyer Weisgal, it was written by Franz Werfel, composed by Kurt Weill, and produced by Max Reinhardt. Beginning with the story of Abraham and continuing through Jewish history up until the Nazi's rise to power, it was intended to symbolize the threatened condition of the Jews of Germany. Intertwined with the story of the opera are the reminiscences of Jewish survivors of this time and present day Germans who hope the staging of the opera in their town will bring reconciliation."

The Flat
"[F]ilmmaker Arnon Goldfinger travels to Tel Aviv to clean out the apartment of his recently-deceased German-born Jewish grandmother. ... Goldfinger begins an unsettling journey into his family's history ... and discovers that knowing the truth can be a terrible burden. ... The Flat is a real-life suspense story about how the past can return to haunt the present."

Forgiving Dr. Mengele
"Forgiving Dr. Mengele tells the story of a shocking act of forgiveness by Auschwitz survivor Eva Mozes Kor and the firestorm of criticism it has provoked. Eva and her twin sister, Miriam, were victims of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele's cruel genetic experiments--an experience that would haunt them their entire lives. We follow Eva's metamorphosis from embittered survivor to tireless advocate for reconciliation."

The Ghosts of the Third Reich
"Documents the poignant and anguished stories of descendants of the Nazis, who confront their family's past and communicate their most profound feelings of guilt by inheritance. These individuals, whose family members were supporters, officers, and elite of the Nazi regime, share a common desire to distance themselves from Nazi ideology and the actions of their ancestors; and to liberate themselves from the guilt, shame, and pain that continue to levy a heavy price seventy years later. The confrontation with the inheritance of the Nazi legacy is powerfully evoked further in the inclusion of moments from The Austrian Encounter, a focal point for dialogue between descendants of Nazi perpetrators and survivors of the Holocaust."

Hitler's Children
"...interviews sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of top Nazi officials. What is it like for the descendants of such infamous people to deal with the terrifying legacy of their notorious families?"

Hallowed Ground
"Filmed at present-day Auschwitz, this program discusses what, if anything, should be preserved. Presents opinions of those who believe that the camp should be preserved as a warning to future generations and those that believe it and its artifacts be allowed to crumble naturally."

The Holocaust Experience
"Keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive, at the ruins of the concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau, and in museums in America."

The Holocaust Tourist
"Whistle-stop tour from Auschwitz hot-dogs to Krakow's kitch Judaica that asks, how is dark tourism changing history?"

In the Monument
"Tracing the evolution of Holocaust memorialization in the last 70 years and the building of the Canadian Holocaust Monument."

Island of Roses: The Jews of Rhodes in Los Angeles
"Explores how the transplanted Sephardic culture of the Jews of Rhodes has been both preserved and transformed in the United States. Includes interviews with first generation Jews, who fled Rhodes during the Holocaust, as well as with second and third generation descendants."

A Jew Among the Germans
"Marian Marzynski, Polish Holocaust survivor, sets out on a personal quest to find out how Germans are going to design a memorial to the murder of six million Jews, to be unveiled on the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II. Over three years he meets artists, architects and planners who struggle with questions of guilt, responsibility and memory. He struggles with his own relationship to the German people and meets a young "third generation" of Germans who declare their distance from their parents and grandparents."

The Last Laugh
"A feature documentary that proceeds from the premise that the Holocaust would seem to be an absolutely off-limits topic for comedy. But is it? History shows that even the victims of the Nazi concentration camps themselves used humor as a means of survival and resistance. Still, any use of comedy in connection with this horror risks diminishing the suffering of millions. So where is the line? If we make the Holocaust off limits, what are the implications for other controversial subjects--9/11, AIDS, racism--in a society that prizes freedom of speech.."

Let Memory Speak
"Tells the stories of children of the Holocaust through photographs, diaries, poems, memoirs, and testimonies. Personalizes the lives of the children before World War II, during the Holocaust, at Liberation, and today. Explores the concept of how memory and legacy are transmitted from generation to generation."

Lingering Memories
"Filmed at present-day Auschwitz, this program discusses what, if anything, should be preserved. Presents opinions of those who believe that the camp should be preserved as a warning to future generations and those that believe it and its artifacts be allowed to crumble naturally."

Memory after Belsen
" a feature-length documentary that explores the lives and memories of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. The film investigates the changes occurring within and the many dimensions of Holocaust memory through the generations. Memory after Belsen weaves together a visual tapestry of people whose family histories position them as stewards of Holocaust remembrance."

Peter Eisenman: Building Germany’s Holocaust Memorial
"Documentary about the creation of the Holocaust memorial in Berlin by architect Peter Eisenman. Reaction of the German public to the completed memorial is also shown."

Song of Life
"Follows the Israeli Philharmonia Singers choir on a tour to Poland where they perform at the ceremony commemorating 60 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp."

Sorrow: The Nazi Legacy
"6 teenagers from Sweden try to understand how the Holocaust could have happened. They travel to Wannsee, the site of the place where the implementation of the 'Final Solution'was determined. The group then travels to Auschwitz. After meeting with a survivor of Auschwitz, the group returns to Sweden for a meeting with the son of the Nazi official who was the governor-general of Nazi-occupied Poland."

Tour Guide
" a look at the life and work of Nirit Ben Joseph, an Israeli immigrant in Germany who gives 'Holocaust' tours at key historical sites. Moving to Berlin at the age of 25 for the love of a German partner, Nirit has since become an inseparable part of this city where shadows of The Holocaust still exist. Nirit's complex background gives a unique perspective on religion, nationality and tradition as she works as a historical tour guide of the city. The film delves into these subjects in the crux of today's multicultural world."

Vaters Land Perte
"Director Nurith Aviv quotes Freud's simple definition of mourning and loss as it relates to the first post-war generation of Germans and the historical experience of Jews. With the backdrop of a muted and autumnal Berlin, influential German Jewish political theorist Hannah Arendt and prolific actor Hanns Zischler (Munich) among others ruminate about the extinguishing of German Jewish life and culture and the lasting intellectual, moral and spiritual void that loss has meant to their fatherland."

Visualizing Memory: A Last Detail
"Using the experiences of Peter Kleinmann, a Holocaust survivor, this program explores such issues as race, appropriate memorials, liberation, moral responsibility, and critical thinking."

The 1942 Wannsee Conference 70th Anniversary Observance
"Presentation by Kurt S. Marburg on the anniversary of the 1942 Wannsee Conference concerning the extermination of the Jews by Hitler and the Nazi party and world reactions."