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Holocaust Documentary Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): France/Italy


Assassinat d'une modiste
"The story of a Parisian hat designer who died in Auschwitz."

17 Rue St. Fiacre
"Léon Malmed and Rachel Malmed-Epstein come from the United States to Compiegne to visit the French family Ribouleau who adopted them as children during the Second World War."

The Children of Chabannes
"During World War II many Jewish children were sent out of occupied countries in search of safety. Chabannes, France housed about 400 such refugees in a local chateau used as a school. This documentary presents the accounts of some of the students, teachers and townspeople of the efforts to protect the children in 1942 when the war came to Chabannes."

"Survivors of the World War II Jewish concentration camp Drancy in Paris, describe their wartime experiences, especially at the hands of the French gendarmerie and the Vichy Government. Some of the survivors were also inmates of Auschwitz concentration camp."

Faux et usage de faux
"Documentary on 75 year old Adolfo Kaminsky, who, while in the French Underground in 1943, was trained in the art of forgery to provide false identity papers to Jewish men, women and children throughout Nazi-occuied france. Later after the war, he continued his underground forgery activities helping Holocaust survivors trying to reach Palestine, the National Liberation Front in Algeria, and leftist-anti-imperialist groups operating in Latin America. He now tries to track down his old friends, many of whom are dead or have established normal lives and no longer wish to be found."

My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes of the Holocaust
"Tells the untold story of Tour de France cycling champion Gino Bartali and other courageous Italians who risked their lives to rescue Jews, partisans and other refugees in Nazi-occupied Italy."

Mémoire demain témoignages de déportés
"The Holocaust in France..."

A Pause in the Holocaust
"In the summer of 1943, thousands of Jewish refugees in Italian-occupied southern France enjoyed a rare respite from persecution, protected by an unusual force: the occupying Italian Army, who temporarily shielded local and foreign Jews despite pressure from the Germans and the French Vichy administration. In one Alpine village, Saint Martin Véstubie, life was, briefly, renewed as Jews attended synagogues, schools andcafes, and Yiddish was heard as often as French. With the invasion of Nazi troops in September the lull was broken and most of the Jews were deported. Veteran French filmmaker André Waksman, whose family survived the Holocaust in southern France, reconstructs this little known World War II history."

Primo Levi’s Journey
"Follows the writer Primo Levi on his thousand-mile journey to his home in Turin, Italy after being liberated from the Auschwitz concentration camp."

La repression de la Resistance en France: des resistants deportes juifs temoignent
'A woman and three men, resilient, surviving a terrible repression, testify. They were deported from Drancy, they survived thanks to some incredible competition circumstances"

The Righteous Enemy: The Story of the Italian Resistance to the Final Solution
"During World War II, the Italian Army interned Jews rather than sending them to death camps in Germany. This film describes the many lengths the Italian officials went to save Jews. It shows how Italian officials prevented the deportation of some 40,000 Jews in Italian occupied France, Greece, and Yugoslavia."

The Silenced Walls
"At first glance, 'La Muette' is a normal low-cost housing project like thousands of others in the Paris area. However, these walls obscure the concentration camp of Drancy where almost 80,000 Jews were held until most of them were sent to Auschwitz. After the war it was turned into a housing development with some of the lowest rents in the Paris suburbs. The current residents often cross the path of former internees during commemorations. They are constantly reminded of the past of the site, as if tragedy was attached to these walls."

When Memory Comes: A Film about Saul Friedländer
"Interweaves leading Holocaust historian Saul Friedländer's personal story of survival with an introduction to his work and thought."

Yellow Stars of Tolerance
"The film documents a project to preserve